Translation samples

Please see a partial list of my publications with the Revue Française de Sciences Politiques here: https://www.cairn-int.info/publications-of-Raillard-Sarah-Louise--22792.htm

Controversy over French proposal to edit the Quran: A transatlantic perspective

The Nabokovian Hereafter of French Exile

Abeyance networks, contingency and structures: History and origins of the Tunisian revolution

Specific topic samples available upon request.

'Sarah-Louise [...]has a strong grasp of higher education terminology and a great sense of style and flow in her writing. Also a personal delight to email and collaborate with!' 

--Laura Montgomery, Director of Program Marketing at The New School

Ms. Raillard 'is an amazingly punctual, detailed, and accurate translator. Her level of professionalism is exemplary and she was constantly on top of her assignments.'

  -- Janneth Alfaro, Project Manager at Responsive Translation